Our website address is: http://www.sjakies.com

Our brick stores are located at Breestraat 34 and Koningstraat 34. Both in Haarlem.


The personal information you provide to us is treated in strict confidence. The data remains within our company and will not be released to third parties. The information obtained is used exclusively for processing your order and for providing information about your order. The data on your self-created account will be stored for a number of months. Actually for your convenience so that you do not have to enter all the data again. If you stop using the site for a year, the

data deleted.

If you do not create an account to place an order, your data will be deleted within one month.

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Functional cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of a website. For example, they remember passwords and preferences. They also remember which article is placed in a shopping cart in a web store. And they track how a visitor surfs through a website. With this information we can analyze and improve the functioning of the website. Furthermore, we do not use cookies.

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions and / or privacy policy, mail to sjakieshaarlem@gmail.com