The Comic Professor - Joost Pollmann


Joost Pollmann
The comic book professor

Joost Pollmann (1957) has been writing about comics and graphic novels with gusto for years, including in de Volkskrant. Like no other, 'the comic professor' knows how to explain how to read images. He now pours his unbridled knowledge and enthusiasm for the art of drawing into fifty lectures, educational for the layman and entertaining for the enthusiast.

In this way he teaches us to look at the game that comic strip makers play with the frames, the gutter between them, the page area and finally the brain of the reader. He also explains how you can recognize a draftsman by the style, from Typex's debauched line to Barbara Stok's spaghetti line. In addition, he outlines important developments in the field such as the rise of drawn journalism and the blending of comic and visual art. And there are a few surprises in it, or did you already know about Vladimir Nabokov's comic screenplay?

All these inspiring lectures are richly illustrated with examples from Dutch and international comics culture.