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essential package XL 'office' #5

114,95 84,95

We have devised these packages to support each other and to live more sustainably.
It originated from a joke but it has a serious approach. We desperately need your support. we also understand that you don't want to make unnecessary purchases just to help us. That is why we have devised these practical gift packages. In this way we come more to doing 'together' in these confused times.

contains: clipboard A5, fuck card, pouch, notebook, brown tape 5 cm wide, bio paper glue, many kraft labels, thick candle, bio pritt glue, sewing kit, orange ball pen, s waterproof marker, calligraphy waterproof marker, Blackwing pencil, peanut eraser, 4 velcro tie-ribs, 2 x memo clips, 2 x clip, 10 gold block magnets, pink heart soap, nail clippers, 4 steel bras list pins, 4 large gold thumbtacks, walnut eraser, 30 m. rope, sharpener 2 holes , paper cm bookmark, 3 x long dinner candle,