Hovers' manual of things brick red / green


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Hovers' Manual of Things

No. 550/750 Brick red / Green

Publisher: Boekschap Publishers / Floris Hovers

Edition of 750 pieces (numbered)

Harcover (each copy unique and handmade)

168 pages

Dutch English

Authors: Marlies Hummelen, Floris Hovers

Translation: Working Words / Tanya Levy

Editors: Marlies Hummelen

ISBN 978-94-90357-16-0

Manual for a unique designer oeuvre

Over the past twelve years, designer Floris Hovers has built up a colorful, playful and surprising oeuvre with a completely unique signature. Now there is a book about his work and his view on design. Just as colorful, playful and surprising as its products. And with a special feature: each book has a unique, hand-printed cover.


Cities, machines and toys

Floris Hovers graduated from the Design Academy in 2004 and has since been an independent designer of a wide range of products: toys, furniture and other interior products and unique items. His designs are produced and marketed by himself or by renowned producers such as the Italian Magis. He also works a lot on commission. The 'cities' that he also builds from residual material from his workshop are now finding their way to galleries and collectors.

The environment where Hovers grew up and still works - the Brabantse Raamsdonksveer, next to his father's concrete factory - is a source of inspiration. Machines, tractors, toys from the past and rural life: everything can be found in his work. His designs arise from the process of making: in his large workshop he builds, constructs and explores his ideas in the third dimension. Color plays a central role in this. Not as an addition to the last, but as an engine and source of inspiration.