cottonball lights “Royal princess balls”


Cottonballlights one of Sjakie's favorite combinations:

Royal prices balls cottonballlights

material balls: cotton

Tip: they look great in your X-mas tree! even without the lights!

light type: LED low energy

We have several options: (see illustration for explanation)

-20 balls (150 cm initial cord + 128 cm with 20 balls = total length 378 cm),

-35 balls (150 cm initial cord + 308 cm with 35 balls = total length 558 cm),

-50 balls (150cm initial cord + 588 cm with 50 balls = total length 738 cm)

IMPORTANT NOTE: this product needs an usb plug adapter .this can be ordered separately.

(You might have one spare from an old phone)


color codes: