Funny figure - Joost Pollmann


Joost Pollmann
Funny figure
My life in 15 pieces

With drawings by Paul van der Steen
bound in cover with flaps,
92 pages, € 15.00
ISBN 978-90-6265-998-2
First edition 2018

Born in a primeval Catholic, Haarlem nest, could Joost Pollmann see the dome of the cathedral from its cradle. Part of his family was German-oriented, in the wrong way: brothers and sisters walked around the living room to marching music. These are things that shape a person, but not everything you experience is a result of your upbringing. In Funny figure Pollmann tells fifteen stories about the boy he was and the man he became. Tragic, comical, and something in between. Many want to be heroes, but isn't the antihero more human?

Joost Pollmann (1957) organized ten editions of the Comic Strip Days Haarlem, has been reviewing for De Volkskrant since 1998, published several collections of essays and lectures on visual culture at home and abroad.