Warhol, Factual Fiction - Typex



Painter, illustrator, filmmaker, author, producer, actor - genius and innovative or flat and provocative? Andy Warhol is an elusive figure who has taken many guises. Thanks to Typex, who previously wrote Rembrandt's life story, the world's most famous pop artist now gets his own drawn biography.

In ten parts, Typex guides the reader through the life story of Andy Warhol, in which he portrays the artist as well as the 20e century. Without creating the appearance of completeness or even trying to create it. It is not without reason that the subtitle reads: factual fiction.

In Typex ' Andy Warhol comes across as someone who happened to be in the right place at the right time throughout his life. Is he a genius artist with an unerring eye for what is hip and happening? A passive figure who has his mother ink his illustrations? Who steals other people's ideas to use in his films? A handy businessman who can ask the highest price for his work with a minimal investment? or a sensitive artist who conceals his eternal insecurity with an eccentric entourage?


- softcover

- H 26.2 x W 18.8 x D 3.2

- 568 pages

- English