Winter water - Lex Paleaux


Lex Paleaux
Winter water

The Netherlands
sewn bound in flap cover,
title front cover in blind embossing, 224 pages.
€ 19,50
ISBN 978 90 6265 792 6 NUR 301
First edition February 2020

Winter water is set in Friesland in the eighties and nineties. In this fictional drama based on facts, we follow Lexje, a wayward child who looks at the world around him in amazement. During a short walk to and through his house, we get an insight into Lex's childhood years. Highs and lows succeed each other to eventually lead the reader to the crime scene.

“I pulled the adhesive edge of the envelope as gently as possible. The ripping sound seemed to echo through my hiding place. I hardly dared to breathe and hoped that opening the envelope wouldn't attract my mother's attention; the last thing I wanted was 'attention'. »

“A slap in the face is like two trains colliding head-on. It is very fast and the damage is enormous. The knuckles that touch the soft tissue of the lips also break a lot. ”

After a whole week of dust and noise, my small bedroom no longer existed. Just as I erased wrong answers with my eraser during Mr. Wiersma's math class, my bedroom was erased from our house. ”

“Besides his voice droning through my headphones years before his death, I didn't know anything about this man. Besides his voice, that of God, beautiful voice of which there was only one. And that voice got AIDS, also from God. ”

«Do you come to my house to listen to music after school? I have a new Bob Marley CD. ' I shook my head and told him I couldn't. "Too bad, man." He was called by a classmate and walked away from me. "Lex, can I see you soon?" I nodded and he raised his thumb. ”

Lex Paleaux (1977) is a Haarlem writer of Frisian descent. By writing scripts for various TV series, short films and theater, he developed an original, visual way of writing. Paleaux takes the reader by the hand and in his unprecedented style gives him access to the world in his head. Winter water is his novel debut.